Our Objectives

Our Mission:
To be the leading provider of "graphics to market by" in our chosen market segments by being creative, reliable and competitive.
Our Objectives:
Provide Products and Services of Extraordinary Value to Our Customers in:
  • Appropriate design executed with sensitivity.
  • Consistent quality - Integrity of performance.
  • Dependable delivery - Integrity of promise.
  • Full understanding of Customers' needs and creative execution to help them meet their objectives.
Satisfying Work Experience For:
Our Customers in:
  • Effective Contacts, Competitive Pricing, Honesty.
The people of Wright Global Graphics in:
  • Informative communication.
  • Challenge to develop skills.
  • Recognition of each individual's accomplishments and level of craftsmanship.
  • A) Competitive pay levels.
  • B) Benefits as one contributes to group accomplishments.
  • C) Pay in the most stable and continuing form the company can provide.
  • D) A safe and creative working environment.
Our Suppliers:
  • Effective Contacts, Competitive Buying, Honesty.
Sound Continuing Profits:
  • To make these objectives possible.
  • To measure and control our process.
  • To reward stockholders for their investment in our tools.
In Carrying Out These Objectives We Recognize:
  • A responsibility to the community to the extent it is consistent with the above.
  • Company growth only to the extent that it is consistent with the above.
Furthermore, that all of the above conform to Christian principles as they guide our lives!